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Renal tumor ablation using radiofrequency: results in 28 patients
V. Monnard, P. Bize, JY. Meuwly, R. Meuli, P. Jichlinski, A. Denys - Lausanne - Suisse
Congrès 2011
To describe the technique and results of radiofrequency ablation (RFA) of small renal tumors.
Matériels et méthodes
28 patients with median age 79 years were treated with RFA for small renal exophytic tumor (median size 20 mm). Most patients were poor operative candidates because of associated morbidity. Four patients were treated for biopsy proven papillary tumor, 7 for clear cell carcinoma, 2 for oncocytoma and one for renal hepatocellular metastasis. No biopsy sample was obtained for the others because of a typical radiological aspect of RCC.
All patients but one were treated successfully in one session under combined ultrasound and CT guidance using either Radionics 2000 cool-tip or Boston scientific expandable needles, one was treated in two sessions. One Splenic, 3 colic and 1 pancreatic displacement with CO2 injection and one injection of G5% solution in the costo-phrenic recessus were done in order to protect adjacent organs. Two complications were observed, one splenic iatrogenic lesion treated by embolization and one renal pelvis stenosis treated with JJ stent. After a mean follow-up of 20 months, no patient developped local recurrence on MRI follow-up.
RFA is a simple and efficient technique pending on strict selected criteria (small size < 3 cm and exophytic lesion). Long local control is obtained with minimal morbidity.
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