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Arbre décisionnel interactif de gestion des patients allergiques avant injection de Produit de contraste Iodé
D. Geffroy (1), A. Pipet (1), F. Wessel (1), G. Mineure (1), P. Meingan (1), I. Doutriaux-Dumoulin (2), C. Labbe (1), S. Houdebine (1), M. Ricaud (1) - (1) Nantes - France, (2) Saint Herblain - France
Congrès 2011
Objectifs pédagogiques
Faire une mise au point sur les connaissances actuelles validées concernant l'allergie aux PDCI.
Anticiper le risque de survenue de réaction d'hypersensibilité.
Savoir quel patient prémédiquer et comment.
Messages à retenir
Pas d'allergie croisée entre PDCI et d’autres substances
Allergie à un PDCI ne signifie pas allergie à tous les PDCI.
S'assurer de la bonne équilibration d'un asthme avant l'injection d'un PDCI.
Place capitale de la consultation allergologique.
Eviction systématique du ou des PDCI positifs aux tests cutanés.
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is especially powerful. And now can not be compared. Generally the coldest time of around minus 50 degrees, one can imagine what that scene. According to the Anti Shi Limin old war memories, there is often resistance fighters freeze to death. Biting wind roar, moon snow flying, dripping instant ice, cold people can not be tolerated. But in the "north wind howling, the snow flying, horse levy hesitate, air invasion sleep at night." Circumstances, our anti-Japanese patriots who want what? Is "sincere struggling swept Nenjiang original." Is "Wei Chi Xi! How can destroy" is "the whole nation, all classes, unite and regain my rivers and mountains." This fully shows their noble sentiments, great ambition, tenacity fighting spirit and unwavering faith. It is worth mentioning that song in a performance of "Petals tune" with music lyrics, sing very heroic tragic, impassioned, moving heart and soul. Not only has greatly encouraged the soldiers to fight the resistance, and today we sing, we can still pull the heartstrings inspire our passion and touches our souls, making us more recall their greatness. Especially the "roasted chest warm, the wind behind the cold," one, both from the point of view of poetry, or song from the perspective of experience, are having a more profound effect, this period is written in Liberating, I want to our old president Alice thumbs up (in the days of the Cultural Revolution in Heilongjiang University, but in that movement, he died I live in the wrong containing tall dormitory building --- then 13) from Poetry angle of view, very antithesis Tuoqie: roasted - the wind; the chest - behind; warm - cold; not only natural sentence, proper, neat, and highly infectious, people feel very immersive . In short, the song "camping Song" by the description of the Four Seasons difficult environment, has been fully reflect the initial resistance, the resistance of the soldiers in a hostile environment in the heart of the fight against the enemy, thus demonstrating that their heroism, strong patriotism. Dare to struggle, dare to win the heroism and overcome all difficulties, obstacles strong will. This song by poem, I think the main experience and establish the idea should be the following aspects: When our nation, our motherland when subjected to external aggression, countless martyrs in order to defend their homes, to regain occupied territory invaders hesitate to shed blood, and even dedicated their precious lives to resolute, courageous, desperate battle with the enemy in the end, it is their sacrifice, we now have only in exchange for all the achievements and happiness. Like Yang Jingyu, Li Zhaolin, Zhao Shangzhi, Zhao Man, Wei Zheng Min, Quadrature Squeezing, eight women in a river of cold cloud and other martyrs, they are the pride of our nation, they are great heroes, are the backbone of the Chinese nation, we will never be Bearing in mind, a celebration commemorating the eternal hero. Our country will never forget the revolutionary predecessors! Without them, we would not all now. All have a conscience, a conscience, a sense of justice in China and all Chinese, we should not forget them. Never allow anyone to use any means and any conspiracy to discredit and deny them. Thus, a negative hero's behavior is shameless behavior. I do not recognize and do not have their own national hero, and there will be no hope. Them this spirit, we must realize the great Chinese dream in the process, continue to inherit and carry forward to give, to make it shine even more brilliant light. From the establishment of People's Republic of China to the present, we also experienced thousands of heroes, they are also a great honor, the same countries, the backbone of the nation. In socialist construction, development, Deng Jiaxian, Qiu Shaoyun, Huang Jiguang, Lei Feng, Wang Jie, Ouyang Hai, Jiao, Wang, Guo Mingyi, Luo Yang and so on, their spirit emanating from the light, it will also eternal immortality. They will also always be respected motherland, love the people, their deeds must be for the eternal record of the Chinese nation, they will certainly legacy Toil. Yes, this poem has happened OF differences, but the final conclusion is essentially the first paragraph is written by Chen Lei, a third segment, it is written by Joseph Lee, the fourth paragraph is written in Liberating. Of course, there are other people involved. Finally, the central government has identified as the collective creation. However, no matter who is creative, the resistance of the soldiers expresses the essence of greatness is certain. We want Ann forget danger, there must be a sense of crisis, we have kept in mind the suffering. Especially now that the United States' Asia-Pacific rebalancing "and the Japanese right-wing forces began to threaten our country, we must work hard to bring our country a better, more powerful. Notice, we have a happy life today is not coming out of thin air, but predecessors shed blood, hard-fought. So, our youth, to establish as soon as possible "to assume the rise and fall," the idea must strengthen unity, to learn,

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