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Prostate cancer neovascular responses to antioxidant therapies
R. Bard - New York - Etats-Unis
Congrès 2011
It has been established that high vascular density indicates high grade tumor and decreased neovascularity demonstrates decreased tumor aggression. Our study was to compare doppler sonography vessel density imaging with response to antioxidant therapies.
Matériels et méthodes
99 patients treated with lifestyle changes and antioxidant protocols were followed over a three year period with prostate cancer were prospectively scanned with a GE Voluson E-9 unit employing endorectal 18 MHZ probe employing conventional 3D/4D imaging using 3D angio and glass body power doppler image reconstruction. T 1 weighted DCE-MRI were obtained. 79 patients had gleason 3, 20 had gleason 4. Follow up at 6, 12, 18, 24, 30 and 36 months was obtained. Vessel index was assessed on sonography by 3D histogram analysis and by DCE-MRI. Follow up biopsies were obtained shortly after imaging studies which occurred on a 6 month basis.
Gleason grade 3 : 69/79 patients had decreased vascular indices. Psa lowering was noted. Gleason grade 4 : 9/20 patients had decreased vascular indices. Psa lowering was noted. 4 patients were stable. 7 patients showed disease progression and psa rise. DCE-MRI confirmed tumor vascular findings. Biopsies correlation was good.
Vessel density ultrasound indexing and DCE-MRI analysis correlated well with biochemical response to antioxidant therapies. There was good correlation with biopsy findings. Vascular imaging may substitute in certain patients for biopsies.
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