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The accuracy of axillary US in predicting lymph node metastasis
M. Al Basher, A. Kassis - Al Ain - Abu Dhabi
Congrès 2010
Determine the accuracy of ultrasonography in detecting lymph node metastasis at our tertiary care center.
Matériels et méthodes
Review of all patients with breast cancer treated at our center from April 2008 to October 2009. The US interpretation of the axillary lymph node was compared with AD or SLN reports. The sensitivity, specificity, PPV, and NPV were calculated.
Total number of patients who met the inclusion criteria was 64 29 out of 64 patients were confirmed to have axillary lymph node metastasis by histopathology. US of axilla was suspicious in 22 of these 29 patients. 25 of 35 patients with negative axilla by histopathology had negative US. The sensitivity was 79 % Specificity 72 % PPV 69 % NPV 81 %.
US of axilla in patients with breast ca is a valuable diagnostic tool. In patients who will undergo neoadjuvant chemotherapy, a negative US of axilla may spare them SLN biopsy prior to chemotherapy. US-guided FNA may be done in case of suspicious LN's.
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Xiao Ming's heart always has a white angel's knot, eleven years old suffering from hepatitis where the father's army hospital, feeling a group of beautiful female nurses careful care, so that is in the muddle of juvenile to the female, especially On a woman wearing a white coat has an inexplicable emotion, deeply engraved in his heart. That year after the farmer came back, Xiao Ming in the school physical examination was diagnosed with acute hepatitis, the father of the military sent to the garrison hospital hospital treatment, the live is several months. Because it is an infectious disease, and is a child, so their pediatric isolation ward is located on the second floor, nurses and doctors office for fear of being infected are located in the first floor, still installed in the stairs iron gate isolation, as if Is living in prison like, all day even the ward is not allowed out, and the children out of the Uncle of the People's Liberation Army, aunt's respect, let them strictly abide by the rules of the hospital, did not dare to violate. Summer day after midnight, and Xiao Ming with the ward of the small patient suddenly felt stomach pain, Xiao Ming quickly to the door to call the doctor, nurse aunt, can think of this deep dead, they are in the first floor office, shouting probably also the fundamental Can not hear, but also affect others to rest. So he thought: can not manage so much, save lives. He will crept to the stairs, his hands leaning on the iron gate just want to shout, but the iron gate was gently opened, Xiao Ming thought: Hey, this door did not close, I went to call a nurse on duty. Think of this, Xiao Ming will be quietly down the stairs to the nurses on the first floor of the office, across the screen door to look inside, the room quietly, in the dim light, by the corner side, there is a female nurse Is sleeping on the couch, Xiao Minggang want to cry, but also afraid of scaring nurse aunt, then opened the screen door, softly walked to the nurse aunt, by the light just want to shout, can be seen in front of the scene, so that has not yet grown growth Xiao Ming suddenly intoxicated. Quietly lying on a canvas loungers on the beauty of the nurses sweet asleep, scattered long hair casually ride on the shoulders, rosy face quietly showing a trace of a smile, tall nose covered with thin sweat , Slightly flushed lip people can not help but want to kiss on the mouth. Xiao Ming swallowed a spittle, he was so big for the first time that women are so soft and elegant, and nurses, this is called the white angel career, from his heart has a very special significance. Xiao Ming really want to see more for a while, can be a nurse suddenly want to wake up, not to his little broken child beat flat. Think of it, he quickly returned to the stairs, plug the iron handle shouting: "someone? Downstairs there are patients, come ah." Soon came a nurse's answer, it really is the duty nurse aunt , I saw her step down, full of body wrapped in a white coat, walked with elegant pace walking with a mask and latex gloves. Xiao Ming staring at the female nurses from his head section and fall, trance among a beautiful angel fairy from heaven, came to his side. Since then, he had a different feeling of female nurses, buried deep in his heart. Flash time has been for many years, Xiao Ming has become a glorious naval fighter, although the passage of time, but in his heart, that beautiful female nurse's shadow has been shaking in front of his eyes. The early eighties, Xiao Ming was ordered to travel to his hometown, along the way home to see their parents. In the evening, when he finished the official rush to the terminal to buy a good ticket, staring at the other side of the river faint little bit of light, thinking about the need to see more than a year did not see the parents, the hearts of unspeakable joy The At this time, a girl's back caused Xiao Ming's attention. I saw her long hair and shoulder, with a white handkerchief random into a beautiful horsetail, dressed in a white dress, two slender white legs slim, wearing milky white high heels, shoulder a white canvas bag, from the To the next are white. Ho, is simply a white angel. Suddenly, Xiao Ming mind emerged in the shadow of the female nurses. Xiao Ming is looking at the gods of the gods, showing that she was disappointed from the ticket window back down, anxious look at a glance. Xiao Ming think she must have encountered difficulties, and should help her. So, Xiao Ming approached asked: "Hello, girl, what can I help?" The girl turned to see is a navy fighter, the hearts of suddenly felt a sense of trust, she told Xiao Ming, she is also to return Home, but the last class of ferry tickets did not, and now the day has been dark, can not buy tickets she will have to wait for tomorrow to go home, but how can she do tonight, where the night, so worry about na. Xiao Ming side of the comfort of the girl, the luggage to her, and then came to the ferry company office, showing military documents, that there is a military in the body, the need to vote across the river to perform the task, and soon, a ticket to pay him In the hands. When Xiao Ming handed the ticket to the girl, her eyes stood light, grateful feelings of words, she thanked and asked: "You eat it? I go to buy snacks, we eat together," finished, Without any explanation to buy a snack.

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regardless of the shuttle in the streets, is a beautiful landscape, refined temperament always keep a share of holiness.Temperament elegant woman, not the entertainment field Tuibeihuanzhan protagonist, nor arrogant in office President, but not supercilious woman; certainly not idle shopping street girl, but not their houses telltale little woman she is your heart Nalv breeze, thirsty a cup of nectar, and is in front of that road will never disappear aura.Temperament elegant woman, always put you as her lifelong friend, to accompany you through life with Canyon; accompany you to witness the journey of life bit by bit; sinking heart is always in hot pot made with Chicken Soup for you.Encounter, gorgeous turn Looking back journey of life, so you have the earthly love, as that cup of tea Soars with fragrant mist curl, make your life more of a dull color.Temperament elegant hand a partner, no longer lonely journey of life, she was all the time to update the color of life, even the trials and hardships also singing all the way, very happy, she is in your heart will never fade Dan askew.Your life is not finish reading poetry volumes.Woman, you are treasured holy mind share, the share reserved elegance, continuous purification practice share with students having the characteristics, I believe God's fair, with time increasing, continue to experience the rich, even if you lost the roots, into life old age, while the share of elegance will never be lost due to the vicissitudes of brilliance.If you do not want to bear the feeling life is not, is that life is not important to the opportunity, if we had how how how how we would not every choice is a fork not really good or bad, as long as life as own unique creation, it will not look back frequently if you had made a different choice, life is only sold one-way ticket, the past is the past, is more important it is to take a good road behind.In this world, no one can really identify with the pain of another person. Even if you Oath, you lose, you have just one thing, people may sympathize, may be lamented, but you never know what wounds fester and to what position, so from the beginning it is necessary for their own good that you have to learn to treat themselves.Life can only go forward and not go back, the middle of the water flow, can not go back to the middle, if transpiration to the sky, as rain from the sky, you can still achieve the dream back, but it is water next life things, and people no afterlife.People were carried away by time, like street
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